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Macarons with gold dust

August 17, 2014

Only at Mona. Back for the second day of Synaesthesia and greeted at the door by a charmingly costumed young girl with a tray of chocolate and Szechuan pepper macarons with a sprinkling of gold dust.






Mona macarons

August 16, 2014

Spending the day at Mona for Synaesthesia. Have enjoyed having the run of the museum after dark.
Filling in time between rehearsal and performances by eating macarons in The Bar.

I chose the raspberry one – lovely jammy filling.
My fellow choristers went all out:


Rainbow paddle pop macaron

February 4, 2014

Too long since my last Macaron. What have I missed?


Ferrero Rocher for fitness

November 11, 2013

While I miss being across the road from my favourite macaron supplier Yellow Bernard, today’s walk up to the city centre and back easily justified the purchase of this old favourite.

Anything with serious chocolate in the middle gets my stamp of approval.

Of course I now have serious chocolate in my middle.


Passionfruit ?

November 7, 2013

Every time I go to Bottega Rotolo I wonder why I don’t visit more often. Thing is, it’s nowhere near my normal route.

But since I was there, it would seem silly to leave without a Macaron.

I asked for passiofruit but suspect this was orange.

Whatever, it was delicious with a real zing and great moist centre.

I was going to save it for dessert but it got a bit squashed on the way home.


Missing Macarons

November 2, 2013

Last week I suddenly and unexpectedly changed jobs. This is generally a good thing but for the distance now between me and Yellow Bernard.

What exciting flavourful treat came and went this week without me getting to try it?

Luckily I can console myself with a freezer-full of YB raspberry coulis macarons, kindly supplied by the YB master macaron maker.

This is what 12 frozen raspberry macarons look like after the family has eaten 3:


There will now be strict rationing!

And this is one testing my self-restraint to see if I can wait for it to thaw:


Macarons & Macarons

October 18, 2013

The day after I was smugly stating I only have one macaron a week, I was at Daci & Daci for lunch and they had LOTS of macarons. Regular readers will know this has not always been the case and availability has been unreliable.

Anyway, my friend made me have one to keep her company. She had Strawberries and Cream and I had the chocolatiest chocolate one. Nice.